California State Capitol

The Delta King in Old Sacramento.

Walking through the column-lined hallways and porticoes of the California State Capitol Building, you may notice just how much it has in common with the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C. That’s on purpose, as it was indeed designed to be its twin – albeit much smaller.

This soaring edifice provides quite a versatile setting – as it would be right at home in a scene taking place around the turn of the century just as much as a scene set in the modern day. In addition to the California Capitol Museum and the Capitol Collection art exhibits, the California Senate chamber seats its forty members here in a large chamber room, and is entered through a historically adorned second-floor corridor with an electric reproduction of the original gas chandelier. The grounds directly surrounding the Capitol Building are known as Capitol Park, an area of 10 undivided city blocks and featuring one of literally every variety of tree and shrub found in California’s 58 Counties, the Victorian-style “World Peace Rose Garden” and a number of ornate statues and monuments.

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California State Capitol

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