Highways & Railways

The Delta King in Old Sacramento.

This town was literally built on rails. “The Big Four” railroad barons (Huntington, Hopkins, Crocker, and Stanford… another story dripping with intrigue and destined for a screenplay someday) essentially built this town and connected it to the rest of the country through the rails.

The history of our establishment as a major rail hub is long and storied – as evidenced by the California Railroad Museum, the Railyards Confluence and the major AmTrak Rail Station all located right in the heart of Downtown. As Highways became the dominant routes of transportation, they multiplied and grew and twisted like vines around the heart of Sacramento as well (where we love Highway 80 so much, we have two of them).

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Photo Gallery

Sacramento Valley Station

Sacramento Valley Station in Sacramento, CA


Interstate 5

Interstate 5 in Sacramento, CA


Business 80

Business 80 in Sacramento, CA


50 East

50 East in Sacramento, CA