The Delta King in Old Sacramento.

Whether you’re looking for airplane hangars and wide-open tarmac, or barracks and training grounds, we’ve got what you need.

Sacramento County has two decommissioned Air Force Bases, one decommissioned Army Depot and one active National Guard Command Center. There are also two active Air Force Bases nearby, with Beale AFB in Wheatland and Travis AFB in Fairfield. Established in 1935, McClellan was a logistics and maintenance facility for a wide variety of military aircraft, equipment and supplies. McClellan was decommissioned in 2001 and is now home to the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station, the Aerospace Museum of California, the McClellan Conference Center, and a number of hotels and businesses. On the other side of town, Mather AFB was one of 32 Air Service training camps established after the United States entry into World War I in April, 1917. During the Cold War, Mather AFB became the sole aerial navigation school for the United States Air Force after its companion navigation schools were closed. However, the base was closed in 1993 and the land turned over to Sacramento County. The Mather AFB land has various post-military uses including Sacramento Mather Airport and is home to the Annual Capital Air Show. Sacramento Army Depot (SAAD) in South Sacramento was a 485-acre facility, activated in 1941, and was officially closed in 1995. It’s now home to a number of businesses and warehouse facilities.

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Mather Field

Mather Field near Mather Air Force Base