The Delta King in Old Sacramento.

One of the coolest things about Sacramento International Airport (SMF) – for filming purposes – is that it’s essentially two different airports in one.

Terminal B, one of Southwest Airlines busiest hubs, is a perfect example of a state-of-the-art, modern airline terminal with a monorail system and dozens of shops and local restaurants. The terminal is also painstakingly decorated with dozens of unique art exhibits and installations from Sacramento local artists. Meanwhile on the other side of the airport sits Terminal A. While it has received a few modern touches, Terminal A is still visually the airport it was when it opened in 1967. SMF is also a quick 12 miles from Downtown Sacramento, making it very easy to get in and get out of town. In addition to SMF, we also have a number of smaller airports throughout the county at Mather Field, McClellan Field, Rio Linda Commuter Airport, Franklin Field outside of Elk Grove and the Sacramento Executive Airport on Freeport in South Sac. All of various sizes and ages, but all ready to work with you.

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Sacramento Executive Airport